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Multimedia Solutions

Think of the message you can deliver by streaming video or with sound and video interaction on a disc or web site. The "moving pictures" and sound add dynamics to any project and are a cut above the rest when it comes to static marketing vehicles.

Digital Fly offers multi-media design and development to accommodate your needs. We can develop CD/DVD rom presentations that are great hand outs at trade shows. They are also a great addition to any sales or promotional kit. If direct mail is the way you'd rather go we can provide not only the multi media design and development, but also the design of the vehicle that carries the disc, as well as the direct mail portion of the project.

Flash Intros

Animated Flash intro movies are often used on websites, CD catalogues and presentations to create a delightful first impression on the audience. An impression that lasts.

Flash intro can be created using your company logo and slogan, text and illustrations relevant to your business field along with a variety multimedia effects. A 15-25 second flash intro created by our specialists will amaze your site visitors and engrain your company in their memory so they'll come back to you again and again.

Our Flash developers are experts in actionscript and use the latest actionscripting techniques to achieve interactive multimedia content rich with sound, video and animation. Our  web Flash intros are masterfully created to enhance the content and purpose of the site without overwhelming it.

Corporate CDs

Digital Fly is a top resource for interactive corporate CDs production. We author, design and develop interactive multimedia CD/DVD and corporate CDs that are very effective. We specialize in video, audio, animation, and database-linked CDs.

Main services in this include:

  • Design, authoring, development
  • Script/Copy Writing
  • Video: story-board, shooting, non-linear editing
  • Voice-over narration including talent acquisition
  • Music, audio engineering and enhancement
  • Flash and Macromedia Director experts
  • Video optimized/compressed for CD, DVD/Web
  • Searchable database on CD or web-linked
  • 2-D and 3-D Animation and Logo fly-throughs
  • Integration w/Powerpoint, PDF, Excel
  • Scientific/financial data CDs
  • Recorded phone interview technology for CD/web

Animated Advertisments

Considering the growing number of advertising banners on the Internet, it is necessary to stand out from the competition. We can deliver a professionally designed banner which will make all the difference. In fact, if a banner enjoys a professional, eye-catching and appealing design, it will certainly succeed in the Internet world.

Animated banners are fast becoming an essential tool in any business arsenal to improve its competitiveness online. Visually appealing and easy to insert in any webpage, our animated banners are perfect for highlighting any business online adventures as they are attention grabbing and keep your visitors engaged much longer because of their more complex transitions, animations and more informative design.

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