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Graphic Design

Digital Fly with the team of best graphic designers in Pakistan, custom designs every project, specifically to address the individual challenges of each project we work on. Whether it's the introduction of a product or service, a new corporate identity, or a one-of-a-kind promotion — you have our guarantee that it will be unique.

We offer custom graphic and layout design solutions. This includes postcards, flyers, executive summaries, brochures, posters, logos and other designs for print medium or electronic distribution such as PDF.

The success of your promotional or marketing collateral is dependent upon a great number of variables. Not the least of which would be the overall graphic design, look and feel of your marketing collateral.

Does it match your target market and/or demographic?
Does it portray your company in the light in which you would feel comfortable and proud of?

Our graphic designers strive to produce the most effective and successful pieces possible for your marketing efforts.

We have successfully created corporate identity systems, advertising campaigns, trade show displays, websites as well as multimedia pieces, brochures, catalogs and newsletters to name a few. With experience comes confidence. Our experience will undoubtedly instill your confidence.

Please browse our online graphic design portfolio. Contact us today to find out just how we can help.

Corporate Identity Design

Without doubt, brands are an important influence on our lives. Strong brands offer values way beyond the performance of the product or service and possess an idea worthy of customer loyalty.

At Digital Fly, we believe that a brand's graphical representation must have the power to elevate brand recognition against an intensively competitive visual landscape.

In addition, the challenge is to develop a look and feel that breaks new ground, while distinctly communicating your brand's key message. Digital Fly will help you to define your company or product's value and help you communicate it in a manner that will allow a robust brand to take shape.

Brochures & Catalog Design

Brochures are excellent for introducing your company. A successful brochure design is an invaluable tool for reaching potential customers or clients. Whether it's utilized in a direct mail campaign, a trade show hand out or a leave behind piece on a sales call, the brochure will serve as not only the window into your business. But a mirror as well.

Your brochures must enjoy specific features to have impact on your target and to obtain effective results. Being attractive, bringing a clear message are, then, a must. High-quality, professionally-designed brochures will help you promote your products and services in the most elegant way.

We can design folders with Flap and Inserts, Bifold Brochures, Trifold Brochures, and complete product Catalogs that have the necessary characteristics to stand out from the rest, and so, obtaining the marketing results you have been longing for.

Flyers & Posters Design

Attractive Posters bring the results you aim at. With our help you can get the mist effective Posters that will certainly catch the attention of viewers and will stand out from the rest.
To get an amazing poster that grabs viewers' attention immediately is a must if you need to advertise a product, service, an offer, etc. Why? Posters are very important elements of any company's marketing system because they have considerable advantages over other advertising methods.


  • They have greater impact on people because of their size;
  • They are excellent means of information, appropriate for promoting the products or services your company offers, for displaying offers or event information, for showing business alerts and reminders;
  • They can be used on a small and a large scale, as they can come in different sizes and formats;
  • They can be placed on key locations where they are on view to lots of people.

Package Designing

Discover the profitable results an attractive packaging design can bring. With our services, the most effective packaging design that will certainly boost sales is now within reach.

Indoor Branding

Our indoor branding graphics for your business (whether its a Bank, a resturant, showroom or boutique) can enhance the total look and feel of the environs, displaying your products or brand with integrity and excellence.

Backdrops & Exhibition Booth Design

Successful trade show marketing is not just about the display, we have a staff of experienced trade show marketing specialists who know how to make the most of an exhibit budget to develop a high-impact trade show marketing program.

At Digital Fly, we take the time to understand your company so that we can translate your marketing vision into a powerful and unique presence on the show floor. Working with your requirements, we will recommend a booth design aligned with your goals, activities, and budget. From there, we will work directly with you to design graphics that convey who you are, what you offer, and why prospects should choose you over the competition.
Our in-house design department offers:

  • Full service graphic design and production capabilities
  • Logo and art rebuilds for large format output
  • Photo retouching, murals, collages
  • A large library of stock and custom photography
  • Scanning services
  • Turnaround times that work within your deadlines
  • Possible collateral pieces to enhance your tradeshow experience

Having a custom backdrop for your conference space or seminar is important because you generally have a 4 to 5 second time span to be noticed by your customers. Since this time span is so short it is important to have a simple message displayed by your exhibit. This is why at Digital Fly we like to view your display as a billboard for your company.

To create you backdrop our team begins by assessing your display needs and your exhibition goals. Once an understanding of your needs and goals is reached our in-house designers combine graphics and a configuration style to develop a backdrop that enhances your company’s image.


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